Same-day, advanced surgical removal of impacted wisdom teeth from the emergency team that you know and trust

As your true emergency dental provider (“ER for the teeth!”), at Urgent Dental of Denver, we can perform advanced procedures such as wisdom teeth extraction same day. Many urgent care providers (who are not dentists) are not qualified to administer such dental treatments. Furthermore, many general dentists in northern Colorado and beyond do not have the in-house capabilities to offer more complex surgical extractions or the removal of teeth. Plus, these dental offices may not provide proper emergency dentistry care. At best, they may offer it as a “side service,” staffed by an after-hours answering service. We provide responsive care from experts who best understand emergency conditions and treatment options. 

The trouble with wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth have a notorious reputation. As the last teeth to develop in the mouth, as “wisdom” is being acquired in the late teen years and early adulthood, frequently there is little room for them to erupt or break through the gums properly. Due to this situation, wisdom teeth tend to develop at an angle or otherwise improperly. They may become “stuck” partially or fully in the bone, a condition known as “impaction.” When this happens, the impacted teeth may cause intense pressure and pain as they push up against the surrounding tissues. In turn, these teeth can also threaten the health of the other teeth and neighboring tissues.

What to do about them

Since these “third molars” are not necessary for healthy function, the “go-to” treatment for them is extraction. We use precise, carefully planned techniques to remove or extract the troublesome molars. We can also discuss our range of relaxing, sedative options for exceptional comfort. We are here for you at every stage of treatment and welcome any questions you may have about care and diet after removing your teeth. It is generally advised to avoid any behaviors (such as using straws) that may place pressure on the clot that forms at the treatment site. A painful dry socket may arise if the clot is dislodged, interfering with healthy and rapid healing. 

Happy patient with the doctor

Proactive care

Yes, we are an authentic emergency dental team. However, we are also proud to be lifelong partners in our patient’s health. We primarily advise on routine appointments to our office in Denver, CO. During these visits, we can monitor how your wisdom teeth are developing. We may recommend their removal as soon as potential complications are noted – well before they cause pain and produce other complications, like damage to neighboring teeth. 

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Dr. Drew Boyd EAT Bio

Dr. Drew Boyd

Dr. Drew Boyd’s compassionate spirit and gentle, calm demeanor enable many patients, especially those with dental fear, to easily access high-quality oral health care.

He studied at the University of Michigan and the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry. He has specialized experience in emergency dentistry, having practiced it for most of his career. The fact that he is available for patients at all times, even when virtually no other dental services are open, is much appreciated by patients.

Incorporating cutting-edge dental techniques and philosophies and up-to-date technology allows Dr. Boyd to deliver urgent, general, and cosmetic dental services. He strives to provide a unique, personalized experience to patients where they are respected, valued, and feel their concerns are heard. Patients trust him as he provides them with a safe and comfortable environment and involves them when planning treatments.