Resolving pain promptly and supporting the sustained beauty and health of your smile with root canal treatment

When you do something often enough, you tend to get really good at it. Urgent Dental of Denver embodies this notion. From our office in the Mile High City, Dr. Drew Boyd and our team are elevating emergency dentistry services. We support the gentle, non-judgmental, and highly skilled care of our friends in Glendale, Westminster, Littleton, Englewood, Lakewood, Cherry Hills, Arvada, Aurora, and greater north-central and northeastern Colorado.

Due to the nature of urgent care, Dr. Boyd has developed considerable expertise and experience with root canal therapy.  

RCT to the rescue

Root canal treatment has an undeserved reputation as a painful procedure. The reality is that RCT gets people out of pain. Many of the conditions that Dr. Boyd treats with RCT are associated with severe, throbbing, or persistent toothaches. Dental decay is a progressive condition. Patients may not realize that a problem is brewing with their teeth in its earliest stages. However, as the damage caused by decay works its way through the tooth to its nervy center (or “pulp”), all sorts of undesirable problems can arise. Deep damage to the dental pulp may be marked by the following:

  • Jarring pain when biting down 
  • Persistent pain that interferes with sleep, eating, and other day-to-day activities
  • Bad breath
  • Sour taste in the mouth 
  • Redder than usual gums 
  • Swollen gums 
  • Dark discoloration or visible signs of decay
  • Temperature

Furthermore, complications such as a serious dental abscess or infection may arise. Without proper treatment, the infection can spread to other parts of the body and become a systemic infection, which is a medical emergency.

What to expect

Fortunately, Dr. Boyd is in the best possible position to support successful root canal treatment and the preservation of an infected, badly broken, or otherwise damaged tooth. Since he regularly treats conditions that require emergency dentistry, patients can have peace of mind that their safety, health, and smile aesthetics are in exceptional hands. 

The RCT process itself is likely more straightforward than you may think; the tooth is opened to access its innermost tissues while relieving painful pressure. Once these inner tissues have been accessed, Dr. Boyd removes damaged tissues. He then cleans out the tooth and reshapes the root canals that extend into the jawbone. The canals themselves are sealed off to encourage healing and to protect the treatment site. And that’s it! 

Now you can see why root canal treatment is sometimes referred to as a “deep cleaning for the inside of the tooth.” With the nerves that cause pain removed, discomfort and other distressing symptoms subside. And, of course, you won’t feel anything throughout the procedure because of our use of modern and precise anesthetic methods.

Once the tooth has healed, we will want to coordinate with you to ensure a dental restoration (crown) is placed promptly. The crown helps to strengthen the treated tooth and to prevent future damage or re-infection.

Happy patient after having a dental treatment

Concerned about an aching tooth? Call us immediately at (720) 573-2629. Urgent Dental of Denver is here to help! After all, we are at our “best” when resolving the “worst” for our patients on behalf of their oral and overall health and well-being.

Dr. Drew Boyd EAT Bio

Dr. Drew Boyd

Dr. Drew Boyd’s compassionate spirit and gentle, calm demeanor enable many patients, especially those with dental fear, to easily access high-quality oral health care.

He studied at the University of Michigan and the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry. He has specialized experience in emergency dentistry, having practiced it for most of his career. The fact that he is available for patients at all times, even when virtually no other dental services are open, is much appreciated by patients.

Incorporating cutting-edge dental techniques and philosophies and up-to-date technology allows Dr. Boyd to deliver urgent, general, and cosmetic dental services. He strives to provide a unique, personalized experience to patients where they are respected, valued, and feel their concerns are heard. Patients trust him as he provides them with a safe and comfortable environment and involves them when planning treatments.