Affordable, emergency dental extractions and tooth replacements get you smiling comfortably and proudly again!

Dental extractions, or the removal of teeth, should not be taken lightly. As dentists with a focus on and a passion for emergency dentistry, Urgent Dental of Denver makes every effort, even at the moment, to “save” or preserve badly damaged teeth. In certain circumstances, such as with the third molars or wisdom teeth, extraction is preferred because these teeth are not necessary for oral health and healthy function. Only dentists like our own Dr. Drew Boyd are qualified to remove or extract teeth. Emergency doctors who are not dentists do not have the appropriate training in these and other urgent dental services.

Furthermore, not all dentists in northern Colorado are equipped and capable of removing even partially impacted wisdom teeth. They may only offer “simple” extractions, whereby the tooth is largely intact and visible in the mouth. It may be gently lifted and removed from the socket. 

Our emergency practice offers both simple and surgical extraction, as well as other advanced surgery procedures. In addition to Dr. Boyd’s considerable and focused expertise, we have invested in the latest precision diagnostics and dental sedation to offer the most effective, safe, efficient, and comfortable treatment experience. 

A note on emergency extractions

An “emergency” extraction differs from other extractions primarily due to the experience of pain and the severity of the condition that caused such pain and threatens the tooth. Often, it is intense and persistent pain that leads individuals to reach out to our team at all hours. The pain can simply become overwhelming. Of course, we do not want pain to get so bad that it is unbearable. It is always advised to contact your dental provider before such hard-to-ignore problems arise. 

Severe and chronic toothaches commonly develop due to damage to the innermost tooth structure or pulp. If Dr. Boyd cannot “save” the tooth with techniques such as root canal therapy, prompt extraction followed by immediate teeth replacement (or as soon as the site heals) is advised. Dr. Boyd is happy to discuss options available at Urgent Dental of Denver, CO – including modern tooth replacement with implants designed to serve like tooth roots to stabilize prosthetic dental crowns, bridges, and dentures. Furthermore, since we understand that cost concerns should never stand between you and your most attractive and healthiest smile, we are proud providers of dental financing through CareCredit®. Call (720) 573-2629 today to finally put all of your fears and concerns to rest and restore the smile that is essential to the health and well-being of the whole “you.”

Dr. Drew Boyd EAT Bio

Dr. Drew Boyd

Dr. Drew Boyd’s compassionate spirit and gentle, calm demeanor enable many patients, especially those with dental fear, to easily access high-quality oral health care.

He studied at the University of Michigan and the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry. He has specialized experience in emergency dentistry, having practiced it for most of his career. The fact that he is available for patients at all times, even when virtually no other dental services are open, is much appreciated by patients.

Incorporating cutting-edge dental techniques and philosophies and up-to-date technology allows Dr. Boyd to deliver urgent, general, and cosmetic dental services. He strives to provide a unique, personalized experience to patients where they are respected, valued, and feel their concerns are heard. Patients trust him as he provides them with a safe and comfortable environment and involves them when planning treatments.